Getting a job?

I NEED A JOB’s party bid is really close to filling.

It’s only 0.9ETH away.

I minted it in late October (OG mirror post here).

Since then a lot has happened. Seems like a good time to share some thoughts about I NEED A JOB, and the past few months.

So to start - a DAO formed inspired by I NEED A JOB!

JobDAO.  I did not create JobDAO. In fact I had no idea that JobDAO would exist until I got tagged in a tweet announcing they were forming around collecting my piece. This is an honor - it feels like ya’ll really get the piece and I feel validated that this was something worth expressing.

My whole life I’ve felt like one of my primary jobs is to bundle big emotions into accessible expressions - for my family, friends, workplaces, and communities.

I’ve spent as much time as possible working to be excellent at that job - and the result is that I am broke.

Even now as I type this and until the party bid goes through I’m in survival mode. It’s confusing. I feel like I’m doing my job already and I know people in my communities appreciate and value it - but in the past I’ve found it difficult to receive compensation in a way that feels healthy.

It’s a feeling I’ve lived with for a long time and I tried to capture that feeling with I NEED A JOB.

When it came time to mint the NFT for I NEED A JOB I was really conflicted.

It’s my first NFT. I don’t have a huge following. I don’t have a team or label or management at all. But I wanted to set a high floor. With this piece I felt like I was asking the universe to validate what I’m pouring all my energy into and I felt like I needed to set a bold price in order to do that. I didn’t want to play it safe but that was a hard decision to make. ‘Cause again - I’m broke. A quick sale and immediate resource has its appeal.

Ultimately I went with what felt right artistically - to pose a question and let the answer come however it does. I knew either this would sell and I would have the opportunity to do the work I feel I’m meant for, or I would have to pick up more “real jobs” again. My life is currently teetering on the weight of that decision. But it’s looking good!

JOB DAO formed. Ya’ll have all but filled this party bid. I feel no strings. I feel no speculation. Purely a “Yes. What you are making is necessary. It is worth it to all of us for you to have the space to make more.” This is exactly the type of validation/compensation that I have dreamed about and I’m grateful that I live in a world where this possibility exists.

However, this past month has been the most difficult month of my life**.**

I watched the party bid climb from 2ETH to 4ETH on the same day that my partner and I sold our home (a travel trailer) because the fridge and heat broke and we couldn’t afford the fix. We put our life in the back of our truck and set a course from Oregon to Pennsylvania where our family lives. A few days later in Idaho our truck broke down on the highway. We watched the party bid climb to 5ETH the same day we learned the repairs would be too expensive and we no longer had a vehicle. We lived motel to motel, sold half of our belongings, and flew to PA as the party bid crested 6ETH. Now we are recovering from the Covid we picked up on the flight, lucky and grateful to have family that is willing to let us stay with them for a bit.

And we watch the Party-Bid reach 8ETH.

I’m not sharing this for sympathy. My experience has been defined by the choices I’ve made and the stubborn pursuit of what I feel my purpose is has led to these struggles. I think it’s relevant tho. I’m not the only person in a similar or worse situation, and this piece/moment in my life feels like a condensed expression of this struggle for the many passionate creative people trying to find work they can use their full capacity on. I think it’s well known the current system is not set up in a way that works well for a majority of creative people. I’d like to see a cultural shift and the fact that this party-bid could fill makes me feel like that shift is possible. The moment it goes through I’ll have space to breathe for a few months. I’ll have space to keep doing my job instead of having to survive day to day. I’ll have space to keep contributing to the communities I’m rooted in however I’m needed. I’ll have space to continue creating and sharing music. I’ll have proof that such a reality exists.

And I’ll have the obligation to be excellent with the space I’m given - because that’s the job that I have asked for.

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