“Is this my job?”

This piece is an introduction, a question, and a coagulation of big feelings that have sat with me for a loooong time.

Please watch before reading on:

I have/had many jobs. I think I’ll always have many “jobs” at once according to various interests, abilities, and context.

Creating is a job I take very seriously - despite rarely getting paid for it. However, the process of becoming a paid artist in the music platform/social media era has always felt a bit unnatural to me.

I shared some thoughts with my friends/collaborators in the songcamp community that I think are relevant here:

“Is this my job” is me stepping forward to communicate feelings that have been in me and (I think) a lot of us as we begin to accept a reality where finding work that aligns with our personal strengths/passions may be the most logical, most valuable, and best compensated action one could take (both for ourselves and our communities). Use it if it helps.

I NEED A JOB (Music Visual)

Various parts of “Is this my Job” will be available to collect/compensate over the coming months.

First up is the “I NEED A JOB” music video.

I started creating I NEED A JOB in 2015 and finished it in September 2021.

It’s tried on a lot of different outfits from then to now but I think it’s finally found colors that suit it. I’m happy to feel this idea captured in a tangible way.

I am making it available as an auction with a reserve price of 8.8 ETH*.*

This is essentially a crowdfund to reach a “price” rather than a “goal.”

I’ve started a PartyBid so that anyone can contribute whatever they want if they want. If the PartyBid wins, everyone who contributed will own a piece of the NFT. I hope that’s what happens. I want those who support me directly to own a piece of what they supported directly.

If you feel something while consuming art - the art already belongs to you.

You don’t need to contribute financially in order to make what I made yours. Knowing it made anyone feel is the greatest validation I could receive. So regardless of how/if you choose to compensate what I’ve made - I appreciate you spending the time to take it in.

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